Meet Matt

Hey everybody!

I’m Matt, the guy who started Vegan Heartland! I’ve been a vegetarian since 2002 and became a vegan in 2005. The idea for this blog came to me when I was cooking. I just sat down to eat the vegan lasagna that I made and thought: ‘Wow, this looks so nice! Why not take a picture of it?’ So the idea of Vegan Heartland popped into my head.

How and Why I Became a Vegetarian/Vegan

I am a dog owner and I love dogs, and I would never eat a dog, of course! But I just can’t justify eating some animals, but not others. I’m convinced that every living being has the right to live in peace and with a life filled with love.

So, that’s why I’m an animal rights activist. I take part in many protests at various places and wear shirts with catchy sayings. I even gave up on wearing leather. I visit meetings to discuss animal rights with other people, so becoming a vegetarian at first and then transforming into a vegan was the only logical consequence. That’s also when I stopped eating honey, drinking milk and cheese, and, of course, eggs.

My Mission

Dude, living a vegan lifestyle is so much healthier for you! I mean, I know there are people that don’t do any research before they make the decision and end up eating lots of processed foods, which isn’t good for your health either.

So, it’s a slippery slope, I guess, but I’m convinced that most vegans discover great foods that they never would have tried if they continued eating meat. There is a whole arsenal of fruits and vegetables waiting for you in the supermarket shelves that I bet you have never even heard of before! Plus vegan food is so delicious!

My Recipes

Trying new recipes is really the reason why I started Vegan Heartland. Some of the recipes I’ve created myself. Others are part of the collection of my favorites recipes that I found online, in cookbooks, or traditional family recipes that are top secret and that I learned from my nana. Okay to be honest, most of them are not exactly what one would consider vegan, but I usually replace meat with e.g. soy or quinoa and skip the eggs, and I’m ready to go!