Why I Drink Nothing But Artesian Bottled Water

Artesian Bottled Water

Hey guys!

I wanted to start this post with a little announcement:

As you know, up to this point I’ve primarily focused on publishing healthy, vegan receipts on this blog for you to try out in your own kitchen. And apart from dog food receipts, I didn’t pay any attention to any other topic than cooking and baking.

This is going to change today!

Because I want to include many more aspects that are part of living a healthy lifestyle and so in today’s post I’m going to talk a bit about water – not just any kind of water, but artesian bottled water as I believe it’s the healthiest of all bottled water that you can buy…

What is artesian water?

I don’t want to bore you guys, however there is no interesting way of explaining what artesian water is (sorry!):

Artesian water is a special type of groundwater that comes out of a geological formation called aquifer. An aquifer describes a rock layer that bears water in its tiny pores. This rock is surrounded by other material that does not allow water to pass through and thereby creates pressure that pushes the water upwards to a well.

The artesian water is filled into bottles without any prior treating, which is why it contains lots of different organic minerals and is free from chloride.

Artesian water health benefits

I’ve already mentioned that artesian water contains many organic minerals like calcium, that for example allow your body to better regulate its blood pressure. Magnesium is great for athletes that tend to experience muscle cramps when working out.

So as you can see, there are many different reasons to stick to artesian water – learn about all the great benefits of artesian water.

Artesian water costs

Artesian water is not really more expensive than any other bottled water you can buy in your favorite grocery store. I admit though that there is really shitty water that costs like 1 cent for a whole gallon, however you could also drink the water out of your toilet, because it basically has the same quality (seriously!).

I also wanted to mention that next post I’m going to focus on home water treatment.

After all these big scandals about water fluoridation, giardia in our drinking water, or the lead crisis in Flint, Michigan, I did a lot of reading and want to share what I know with my beloved readers (yes, that is you!), so you can also benefit from my knowledge.

Okay, that’s it for today I guess. Stay tuned for more content to come!

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