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I’m not a veterinarian nor a professional dog dietician. I can’t and don’t want to provide nutritional or medical advice in this post. I’m simply sharing my personal experience with vegan diets for dogs. If you have a question regarding your dog’s specific diet, please seek professional advice.

Putting your dog on a vegan diet? This doesn’t sound right, does it? That’s exactly what I thought at first. But after doing a ton of research and experimenting, I can definitely say that vegan dogs live at least as healthily as every other dog on a regular meat-based diet.

Take Piggy as an example. She was rescued and nursed back to full health and never had as much as a single grain of meat during her recovery!

Like humans, dogs are omnivores, which means that they too can live on a vegan diet. The only difference is that their demand for protein is higher percentage-wise. That’s what you have to keep an eye on, when planning your dog’s diet.

You should also try out different supplements for optimal mineral and vitamin intake. Vegedog and Green Mush is what I like to recommend. V-Dog offers high-quality dry food, which is rich in vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is an essential component of your dog’s diet. Deficiencies can be dangerous.


Here’s a list of foods that I like to mix at my own discretion. I like to alternate every now and then to make sure that my dog gets all the micro and macronutrients that she needs. Foods are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Asparagus
  • Beans
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Buckwheat
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Chickpeas
  • Coconut Oil
  • Flax seed Oil
  • Kale
  • Lentils
  • Linseed Oil
  • Oats
  • Olive Oil
  • Parsley
  • Peas
  • Rice
  • Rosemary
  • Spinach
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Turmeric

You should also pay attention to certain types of foods that are an absolute no-go, such as cocoa, mace, onions and paprika.

*I understand that many dog owners don’t feel comfortable putting their furry friend on a vegan diet. So if you want to take a slightly different approach, go ahead and try out some of these vegetarian dog food recipes. Although I’d choose a vegan over a vegetarian diet all day, I still believe vegetarian to be better than a customary diet for sure.*

Slow Transition

Putting your dog on a vegan diet has to be a gradual process. If you change the diet all at once, it may lead to digestive issues. You should make sure to spread the transition out to about 2-3 weeks.

How Much To Feed

There’s a simple formula: Take your dog’s full body weight and divide it by 50. This is the amount of food that you should be feeding an adult dog on a daily basis. For super active dogs, you might need to divide the body weight by about 35 or something between 35-50. It makes sense to experiment a little, since there’s no way around testing this out. Also, puppies are likely to need more food, while senior dogs need a little less.

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17 thoughts on “How To Make Vegan Food For Your Dog”

  • HI! As a fairly new vegan I am/was very reluctant to even THINK about trying a vegan diet with my dogs. In the forums I am a part of I always say NO WAY-THEY NEED THEIR MEAT….until I came across this article. Seriously, I had NO idea that dogs could get protien from beans…I mean NO IDEA! I am putting together a meal idea for them to make for them tomorrow but I do have some questions….not sure if I will get it in time to work my magic in the kitchen but at least for next time… So I was wondering if you have a ratio of stuff to stuff…I know it says 1/4 of the diet, etc but would you do 1/2 cup protein to 1/4 veggies/grain (oh and I am not a fan of feeding grains to my dogs so I may use less or skip altogether…) and how much spices and extras per pound to use??? I see that you have “use sparingly” and “don’t give too much” but how would I know how much is too much? I have two dogs- 60 and 55lbs.
    I have also added tumeric to their meals before and I wonder if you have done research on that too?

  • Another quick question, do you feed the veggies raw or cooked? I’ve heard raw sweet potatoes are not good for them. Thanks!

  • The Vegedog supplement, I don’t want to make kibble out of it so do I put the powder directly into their food as I feed it? Thanks!

  • Thank you for sharing…..I’ve been researching for about a year about exactly what you presented in this well thought out, complete and amazing article. I feel I’m not alone in this journey! My little”Prncess” (5 year old yorkie) is going to live many happy and healthy years wit my family and I……Peace*Love*Light

  • Hi Matthew,
    Firstly, thank you so much for such informative post. We recently got our first pet, French mastiff, 68days now. we are purely vegetarians and wanted to transform Tyson as well, however I was little scared. After reading ur blog, I am certain now to do the transformation.
    I read the blog and got little confused with Black Beans and black eyed beans, are they same? Also, you’ve mentioned about lentils, could we give a mixture of 4-5 lentils. I am sure would come up with more questions very soon.
    Thank you again,

    • And I tried the lentils today, however he didn’t eat😞
      Maybe, he is too young. Shall I feed him commercial food for a year at least?

  • So, I have a dog that I would like to hypothetically change to a vegan diet. However, he cannot eat any grain whatsoever, and he must have a diet of less than 4% fibre, both for medical reasons. How would you recommend I proceed given his dietary restrictions, or should I leave him as he is?

  • Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to start transitioning our furry kids to a diet more similar to our plant based diet. I currently make their food and have learned about the importance of a calcium supplement. How do you address that? Cheers, Dana (saving the world one plate at a time!)

  • Very useful article. I have a question. The veggies that you write about – I can cook them well and puree/ mash them . or should I give raw? Our dog loves to eat pea pods, turnip, carrots raw but I don’t give too much because of indigestion concerns. Can I boil and Nash these and give or how?
    Thank you

  • I have been making my own vegan dog food for about 3 months now. Only this week I came across some info online about how too much vitamin A can be toxic to dogs. I was wondering if you knew anything about this and if so what is the best way to get around this when there is so much vitamin A found in sweet potatoes and many of the other foods we add to the vegan dog food? I’ve been really concerned about that lately as well as whether or not I should be considering how many calories they get each day? Can you please help? I’ve tried to look up answers online but haven’t come across any yet. Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • Hi Katie,
      I would like to thank you for commenting and say sorry for the late reply. I don’t really feel comfortable giving any advice on that matter tbh. Maybe it’s a good start to contact your veterinarian and ask him for advice.
      Sorry that I couldn’t be of more help.

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