June 14, 2011

VH BASICS: How To Make Your Own Coconut Butter

This is my new obsession. This one goes out to all the coconut lovers out there. Are you sick of paying $15.00 for a jar of coconut butter? Why do that when you can get a pound of coconut in bulk for about $2.00 and whip some up yourself? It's so simple to make and the result is so creamy and sweet.

As you all may know, I've started doing P90X again, and I've been looking for ways to add more calories into my diet. P90X is such an intense workout program and I'm not looking to lose any weight. I'm actually underweight (I know. Woe is me.) So this is one of the ways I'm doing it. 1 tablespoon of coconut butter usually contains about 93 calories. So if I spread 2 tablespoons of it on my toast in the morning or after my workout, that's adding about 200 calories that I probably burned off exercising! If your not looking to add a high calorie food to your diet regularly, it's still a really easy thing to make for a decadent snack!

  • 2 cups shredded or flaked coconut

Blend the coconut in your food processor for about 10 minutes until the coconut becomes creamy. Make sure you scrape down the sides a few times as the 10 minutes go along. 2 cups of shredded coconut makes around 1 cup of coconut butter. It's so worth it!


  1. that's it?????????? really?

  2. Ummm... dear Matthew, you must be a mind reader! I just bought my first jar of coconut butter ($8 for a small jar of Artisana) at Whole Foods this week and am in LOVE with it! So far I've only had it stuffed into some medjool dates for a sweet treat, but if I can make it for a fraction of the cost, then sign me up! Thanks for the awesome tip.

    PS - Yeah, the fact that you need to gain weight isn't getting you any sympathy from me. You can have some of my poundage if you want!

  3. Anon - That's it...really!

    Hally - Aren't the prices ridiculous? It's so much cheaper just to make your own!

    PS - Hahaha, I know...I don't get sympathy from anybody! Oh well. ;)

  4. perhaps it should read "blend the ingredient"

  5. I have never worked with coconut butter before, it this the same as the coconut oil I just paid a might sum for at my local healthy market? Are they the same thing?

  6. The difference between coconut oil and coconut butter is that the coconut butter has the meat from the coconut still in it. Coconut Oil is just oil extracted from the coconut.

  7. That's pretty awesome - I never thought of it! Genius! ^^

  8. wow this is sooooooo awesome!
    Not that i need to gain weight (quite the opposite) but i'll enjoy the treat every now and then that's for sure :-)
    (PS you are welcome to a few of my kgs also!)

  9. How do you store it after? In the fridge or can it be in a drawer? Thanks! It turned out!

    1. I kept mine in the cupboard...if you put it in the refrigerator it might solidify!