April 7, 2011

Vegan & Vegetarian FAQ Book Giveaway! - CLOSED

Alright my little Heartlanders...It's time for another giveaway! It's a copy of Vegan & Vegetarian FAQ - Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions From the Vegetarian Resource Group! I'm super excited to give this book to you guys since it has so much great information inside! It really was books like this that helped me get through those early vegetarian and early vegan days! Being Vegan or even Vegetarian can be a daunting everyday task, especially when you're first beginning. You're not always sure what to eat. Ingredients lists these days are super confusing. What should you eat when you go out with your friends? I had all those questions and more when I became a Vegetarian. This book answers all those questions for you!

It's broken down in to 4 different chapters:

Chapter 1 - Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • This chapter contains all those random questions that every Vegan wants to know! From where can I find vegan marshmallows to What are the nutritional needs for young vegans!
Chapter 2 - Vegetarianism in Everyday Life
  •  This chapter deals with the basics of veganism and vegetarianism. From how to actually pronounce Vegan to what you can eat at Fast Food restaurants!
Chapter 3 - Nutrition
  • Chapter 3 helps with those that are concerned with protein, calcium, iron, B12 and everything else you can think of! There are so many different ways to get all these nutrients just by eating the right things! 
Chapter 4 - Food Ingredients
  • When you're reading an ingredients list and you come across something that looks remotely animal-derived (I'm looking at you sodium stearoyl lactylate!) what do you do? This chapter will have all the answer to all of the questions you may have about what you should and shouldn't be eating!
So I hope you guys are as excited about this as I am!

There are four different ways to sign up for my book giveaway. The more ways you sign up, the better your chances to win!

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4. Write a post about my giveaway on your blog or website and link back to my giveaway! And don't forget to leave a link to your post in your entry comment. Contest only open to U.S. residents.

Don't forget to leave a comment on this post for each time you enter! You must leave a comment in order to enter!

I'm giving everyone enough time to enter so don't worry! The contest will end at 11:59 pm on April 21st, 2011. I will announce the winners on April 22nd, 2011! Winners will be chosen by random.org!

 Thanks everybody and good luck!


  1. I would really love to win this book because I think it would help in my own life and inspire me to help others make that switch like I did too!! :) love the site btw.

  2. I already follow you on FB, Google and Twitter, hee. Thanks for a chance to win this book, it looks great!

  3. I too already follow you on FB, Twitter, and BlogLovin and Google. I just started eating vegan about two weeks ago and I think this book would be a lifesaver!

  4. This would be very handy to have, as I can't go a week without speaking to SOMEONE about veg*nism. I also host vegan events regularly, so this would be good to display, as well.

    I follow you via Google.

  5. I follow your blog and FB...I am a new Vegan of only a month. This would be invaluble. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. And I now follow you on Twitter! @AlmostVeganChef

  7. I would love to get this book so I can give it to my boyfriend. Not having all the facts about veganism definitely overwhelms him sometimes

  8. I have liked you on Facebook for a while now. Thanks!