January 26, 2011

P90x Smoothie and my Goodwill Goods

God I hate taking pictures at night. If you look closely you can see my reflection in the glass taking the picture! Anyway, protein drinks have made a reappearance in my life once again. P90x is going good (for day 3 hahaha). In their meal plan, they include a recovery drink (which you can, of course, buy from them) but I just make my own. Theirs has whey protein in it anyway. I've started using water instead of juice this time around, but I've found it wasn't sweet enough, so add a little agave and cinnamon to give it some flavor and sweetness. I'm going to get stevia one of these days I swear! Here's the recipe for my P90x recovery drink:


 Just throw everything in the blender and blend it! I usually put in the water first and then all the powders and then blend that. Then add the berries, agave, and cinnamon and do a second blend.

Also, I was inspired by my friend Viv from Adventures of Veganism in Midwestern America to post pictures of my Goodwill Gold. I went the other day and found some really great stuff. Can you believe I got all of that for $30? Oh, I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful Dutch Oven I got too! I'll have to post a picture of that later. I got the mason jars to put the broth in that I'll be making soon (also inspired by Viv) and the big white Tupperware container is my new freezer container (also inspired by Viv...read her post here). I'm excited to make mini muffins or cupcakes with my new muffin pan! And I have a great refined-sugar free Bundt cake recipe I hope to do soon!

Thanks everybody! Enjoy your smoothies!


  1. 1. Completely laughed when you said Dutch Oven, sorry.

    2. I have now become aware that there actually is vegan creatine on the market. For the longest time, all I have seen is the basic non-vegan/vegetarian, animal derived substance, which is what I thought had been the ONLY creatine.

    I think instead of agave, I'll probably just use juice.

  2. Aeri: I totally forgot there was a funny meaning to Dutch Oven hahaha. Yeah, I would probably use juice too. I got stevia today so that's what i'll be using from now on!